WP Super Cache Showing Blank Page After Installing : Solved

WP Super Cache Showing Blank Page After Installing or After Clicking On Clear Cache WordPress Dashboard Goes Blank Along With Whole Site Problem Solved.

Every one know that WP Super cache is the best plugin for increasing your website speed.And every Blogger will install that and try to increase the speed of there website.When i was new to blogging even i installed it on my site but a horror story was happened to me.And after all my research i came to know that many of the blogger are getting the same problem that is Getting Blank Page After Installing WP super cache Plugin or After Clicking On Clear Cache WordPress Dashboard Goes Blank Along With Whole Site.And it’s not even showing any type of error or warning it just went invisible to me.So there is a solution for this and let me explain it in clear.

Before explaining i want to say an important note that is WP Super cache plugin is not supported by Godaddy Hosting (got to know by a Godaddy Executive Person).

1.As i am not aware of what happened to the site and also we can’t even open the dashboard so the only thing we can do is to edit or change in File Manger from our cpanal or  FTP server.So first open your File manager and select home directory and open it.

2.Then go public_html and open your wp config.php file and check whether your database information is correct or is there any blank space in it.But in my file i can clearly see a code

define(‘WP_CACHE’, true); //Added by WP-Cache Manager

3.If you have this code go to edit option and remove  it and save the changes.

4.Now open your wp-content and go to plugins and delete WP Super Cache folder.

5.Then, Open wp-content you can see other to files of WP Super Cache so delete even that and save changes.

6.Now you can check your site it works fine and open your dashboard and remove the plugin WP Super Cache.

So,the problem got solved even if you want to install it and want to use it then follow the below steps.

1.After the removing  of WP Super Cache plugin.I installed it again but the same thing has happened again.Don’t worry guys there is a solution.

2.Repeat the same process and uninstall the plugin so, by uninstalling it means a complete removal of WP Super cache plugin and removing every instance of it.

3.So, When your installing it again take the help of WordPress page how to install WP Super Cache plugin and follow the steps.

4.Now it would be working fine.

So, i hope this would be helpful to anyone who got this problem.If any other problem occurs don’t fell shy to drop a comment 🙂 🙂




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