WhatsApp New Update Comes With Mark As Unread Option

The New WhatsApp Upadate Comes With Many New Features Like,Custom notifications, Mark as Unread,Popup notifications,Call ringtone and data usage

The New WhatsApp Upadate Comes With Many New Features ,Custom notifications,Popup notifications,Mark as Unread and Many…

New WhatsApp update v2.12.194 has come with many new features including Google Drive which we can check the amount of data sent and amount of data received.But there is no backup option of google like last updates.Hope that it will be a feature update.On the other side we have “mark as unread” which allows us to mark as unread by tapping and holding the chat conversation.

The other one is the custom notifications which you can found it in the media section along with mute chat option.The custom notifications has an option of changing call ringtone,popup notifications,vibration length.It also has low data usage option for voice calls.And also check the amount of data usage.




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