Secret Code Of Android Phones

This secret code of Android works almost all smartphones have operating system from Google.

Few Android users who use all phone functions this is a new one for you guys. Most are happy speaking, the use of Internet applications and browsing.

There are still curious who want to know the wireless phone to appear. For them we have a secret code of android to be entered in the dialer, where you write a phone number or you want to call someone.

The code is # * # 4636 # * # * and * only works for Android devices.

After you enter, it will appear a special menu that contains four submenus:

  • Information about the phone (IMEI number, network)
  • Battery Information (including temperature and voltage)
  • User statistics (which applications are used less)
  • Information Wi-Fi (including to give you ping)

If you want to access your phone’s secret code of Android, be ware of account to phonearena people write, because you can disable some feature links if you are not careful.Next screen captures have been carrying a Nexus 5, which have Android 5.1.1.



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