Reason For Choosing Apple iPhone Instead Of Android?

Currently, Apple is preparing to release iOS 9 along with the latest models of the iPhone’s. I suspect that many users using Android will take into account the transition.

Apple is known that it does not use third-party services and mobile network operators when issuing a firmware upgrade.The upgrades are compatible with any operator in the world, though the first beta test are carried out. The tests are aimed bullets all errors, as well as fine tuning the application under a newer version of the system, which gives you the ability to update applications that are already on the grid and will be compatible with the new iOS installment.

The Upcoming event not only focus on the latest mobile devices, but also have in mind the elderly. This is proof that Apple is able to update up to 4 years of smartphones and tablets, though they do not have all the new features contained in the software. Even if you have older hardware, you sleep peacefully, the update appears.



On the other hand we have Android, which is in this regard sentenced to death for collaboration with many operators in the world and every major manufacturer gives you your own overlay on the Google system. This means that with the Galaxy Note 4 or another smartphone does not get immediately update to Android 5.1.1 only have to wait a month and up. The update appears first Google modifies one manufacturer, and finally, the operator must give permission for the update. This causes many months obsuwy updates, in many cases, already 2 years of smart phones do not receive the update. Currently, the adoption of the Android Lollipop is only 18.1%, while iOS 8 to 86%.

The update method implemented by Apple is efficient and most importantly without the long wait, which gives rise to a different hardware with Android to iOS.Every time we look forward to the next update of the iOS and be glad that it is available for most devices Apple? Do you think that the complicated situation with Android updates will improve?



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