Production of the alleged iPhone 7c begin next week?

There are new information related to the iPhone 7c, and I suspect you remember a map with China Mobile demonstrating its premiere in April this year. Recent news say about the similarity in shape and size to model 5c and battery (1642mAh) compared to 5S.

Considering the rest of speculation, aluminum iPhone 7c probably be equipped with a 4 – inch display with glass 2.5D , and its unit of account is 64 – bit chip Apple A9, which is currently in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Recently produced a couple of units of the new model, but mass production should start next month. This is connected with the order of AU Optronics 4 – inch displays to be used in the iPhone 7c.

As long as Apple does not officially present the device, most messages will not treat as credible, although many signs pointing to a possible return to a smaller iPhone, which would be hit. Many users prefer less structure than last year introduced models.

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