iPhone 7c: Leak from China reveals Specs and Price

Shortly before Christmas, the supposed release date of the iPhone 7c by a Chinese mobile operator was leaked. Now put sources from the Middle Kingdom gradually reveal more details.

The iPhone 7c is just like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have a 4-inch screen and cheaper than the current iPhone 6s. The reported iPhone hacks, citing the Chinese website MyDrivers. The portal refers in its report on the same presentation that already shortly before Christmas had called the alleged April 2016 as the release date of the iPhone 7c. In addition, an employee of the iPhone producer Foxconn is said to have chatted. In China, the new entry-level iPhone should therefore, be on sale for the equivalent of around 30K INR.

iPhone 7c: An iPhone 6s for beginners
Optical is the iPhone 7c a mix of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c be, as opposed to less successful colorful plastic smartphone 5c, 7c which will, however, have a metal housing. The 4-inch display with 1136 x 640 to dissolve pixels, the smallest memory size is further 16GB. However, the battery capacity should rise to 1642 mAh in comparison to iPhone 5s of 1560 mAh. As the chip Apple A9 should be reconsidered from the iPhone 6s, the 2GB of memory are at your side. The rear-view camera with 8 megapixels would be on par with the iPhone 6 move. Appearance to the iPhone 7c in April 2016 to the three colors of the iPhone 5s, ie Silver, Space Grey and Gold. Production is scheduled to start in January, the idea could be together with the Apple Watch 2 on a keynote in March carried out.

As always, rumors should be enjoyed to the new iPhone but with caution. Above all, the name “iPhone 7c” seems rather unusual for Apple. However, the increasing reports from China indicate a new 4-inch iPhone definitely point out that, in the Californian group anything in work.

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