iPhone 7 The First Rumor

Barely iPhone went on sale 6s and 6s Plus network already and we can find reports on the upcoming next year iPhone 7 the first rumor.

iPhone 7 the first rumor :According to information from China, Apple is planning to release a smartphone resistant to dust and water. iPhone 6s do not have any certification of IP, however, withstand hour in the water as you can see here.And May they supposedly replace the previously used technology in which a touch panel is integrated into the display. Currently used prevents the introduction of new technologies and higher resolution.

 iphone 7 the first rumor

In addition, if you believe the rumors, the current model will be the last made of metal. Although the source did not indicate what is to be used instead, for now we hear only about the departure of metal.

Below I have for you a new concept where we see yet another vision of the iPhone 7. The iPhone shown in the video has a qHD screen Retina new processor A10, 16Mpx camera, as well as the possibility of wireless charging. The whole thing is really like for iPhone 4 / 4s.

But we still have a year to release so that’s what we will see at the conference in September 2016 may not have absolutely no connection with the information that appear so early.




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