iPhone 6SE – So has named a new iPhone

This year, we should not expect radical changes in the successors of models 6s, so theoretically they should not deserve the name with the number 7.This should be named as iPhone 6SE.

This is the conclusion of one of the recent rumors circulating around the upcoming smartphone from Cupertino.Apparently, the name is to be iPhone 6SE, the source of this information are the Chinese and the Americans Apfelpage.de produced even boxes of the above-mentioned name.

 iPhone 6se

The company from Cupertino diametric change is made once every two years, so they came up with a model “S” in which the changes are focused only on his bowels. However, all previous reports indicate almost identical (with predecessors) design.

It’s hard for me to believe that the model of the cosmetic changes (hopefully not) deserved to be called the iPhone 7. I do not think that Apple so will promote successor 6S. It is worth mentioning that in the upcoming models will not find a standard headphone jack and the antenna lines will be in the extremes of the housing. A similar higher (5.5 – inch) is to receive 3GB of memory, a camera with two lenses and Smart connector Connector for recharging its battery.

Both (new) models should debut on September 16 this year, so then we will see what is true and what is false.


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