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With the beginning of November, I became the owner of the iPhone 6 Plus version with 64GB of memory. There would be a total no wonder if not the fact that after the conference Apple, which shows the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus preached on Twitter contention that certainly will not buy the discus.

So what caused that ultimately hired iPhone 6 Plus model and not 6? Well at the beginning. To that November 2014 I used the iPhone 5 32GB white and slowly began to germinate in me the need for a device with a larger display. All in all this is obvious, on a larger screen can fit more content, more convenient browsing to Web sites and conduct e-mail correspondence. In addition, I practice two years or longer replacement cycle devices with the logo gnawed apple, thus replacing the phone was the most justified, especially since the battery in the iPhone 5 had a bone to pick.

Using the phone intensively, it is enough to say that calling for me only an additional function. Hence, often the battery in 5 -inch not enough of me to the end of the working day, obviously with less intensive use of the battery safely for the day. More and more tired I need to carry a charger or check the status of the battery nervous before a night out with friends. Both the model 6 and 6 Plus Apple installed the larger battery, which allowed me to believe that I will have to charge a new phone less frequently.

I have shown to be quite large, as in my abilities, patience and waited with the purchase until the model both 6 and 6 Plus you could easily see in showrooms Polish resellers. I had in my hand the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and to my great surprise, by far the more convinced me to model myself more.

iphone 6 plus

Driven by the need to have a larger 0.7-inch screen, what is the difference between 5 and 6 was not enough for me to meet this need. Of course, the screen 6-fives get an extra row of icons, but it was not for me so much to give up the 5-tuple. The change would be for me only cosmetic, despite other differences between the two devices.

Presented a completely different matter when a hand was holding the iPhone 6 plus, a much larger workspace, applications behaving almost like those straight from your iPad, and last but not least, the battery greater than 6-ties meant that I had to revise his views on big phones. There is no need to cheat 6 Plus is big, bigger than the 5.5-inch devices from other manufacturers and we really have the impression of holding a paddle in hand. But really, if it bothers me?

I have small hands so that as early as 5-inch as I wanted to reach into the upper left corner of the screen had to protect himself with the other hand to prevent uncontrolled telephone contact with the ground, therefore the need to use the device with two hands, I was perceived not as a defect. I was hoping with the fact that walking down the street I will not be able to peacefully use the phone with one hand. The same can not be safely for 6 Plus use it when traveling by public transport, if we do not have the benefit of a seat, and we have both hands in a size that would not be ashamed NBA player. Nor do I have and I never had need to keep your phone in your pocket, therefore I do not know how comfortable or not, he feels holder 6 Plus trying to tie shoes or sit down when the phone is in your pocket. For a person of average height at most, absolutely, in my opinion, is out to use the iPhone 6 Plus as device monitoring and recording our progress cross-country skiing. Large phone on a relatively small forearm looks weird in my opinion, but obviously easily find cross-country band on the arm dedicated 6 Plus.

Given the above limitations associated with the use of 6 Plus in the wider movement, one can not point out the tremendous opportunities that it gives us a monstrous device. Large working area resulted in my case complete abandonment iPad 4th generation for 6 Plus, where I can freely and comfortably write long emails, browse the web, read books stored in iBooks., And finally watch the Youtube resources. I do not need those jobs the iPad. Playing on 6 Plus more and better graphically productions is no small pleasure, finally, not overshadowing control of almost the entire screen. Completion of writing a document, on which work started on a Mac, it is not burdened with any inconveniences. Great camera with mechanical image stabilization will let you take stunning eye images. Also I lost the habit of almost compulsive checking battery status, because in 6 Plus can count on 2.5 on the peaceful use your phone without charge, and in a situation where the iPhone 6 plus becomes my only means work can safely use it for at least 8 hours without You need to recharge.


iPhone 6 Plus is undoubtedly a large device, but the device behind which hides a monstrous capabilities for use in both hard compromise approach to using it with one hand. If, however, one-handed operation is not a priority for you, then I would say that 6 Plus is the best ever phone from Apple.

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