IOS 9 Update

Apple will release iOS 9 on September 16.So get your apple devices ready for the update.

After the event of apple launching iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Officially.This week that is 16th of this September it is coming up with ios 9 update to all users.

Get your iPhone,iPad and iPod touch ready for ios 9 update.Just a week before the official release of iOS 9, Apple released version of iOS GM (Golden Master), which is the last version of the pictorial upcoming OS.Tomorrow evening, Apple will provide all users with the final version of iOS 9 update.And what time will update come?

In connection with that the whole time you ask us what time Apple will release the final version of iOS 9, decided to put a special graphic on which they were thoroughly presented hours of the release of iOS 9.

Before getting into update make sure that you back up your data.You can backup your data through iCloud or go with iTunes.

iOS 9 update

As you can see Bangalore,Mumbai,Kolkata will be at 22:30.Of course, as soon as the update will be available immediately we will inform you about it.

The below picture gives you the complete list of devices that are supported by iOS 9 update.

iOS 9 update



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