How to Install Windows 10 NOW?

Dint get an update! don't worry here you can install windows 10 in two methods.

Installation Of Windows 10

Yes the Day “hoping” has arrived! Windows 10 begins to be distributed free of charge to all users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Insider Preview. But it’s possible that your PC does not download today, or this week, upgraded.

How can install Windows 10 *NOW*?

You have two options:

A) Install Windows 10 through Windows Update:

1. Run Command Prompt (searches for “cmd”) as Administrator;

2. Enter “Wuauclt.Exe / updatenow” (without the quotes), but not yet press the Enter key;

3. Open the “Windows Update” and click “Check for updates” (or correspondent in the language of your PC);

4. As soon as you click the “Check for updates” revert to Command Prompt and executes the command to point # 3 by pressing Enter.

5. Check the result in Windows Update. Normally downloading Windows 10 should start (around 5400 MB).

B) Install Windows 10 on a USB stick:

1. Go to this link ;

2. surge “Download Tool”;

3. There follows the steps.

Good luck with your work!



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