Google Sunroof Project

Google collects data about you. A lot of data.The company collects even information about your home, even if you live in himalayas and do not have access to the Internet. This time for dating hit the roofs, and the target is extremely useful. Google Sunroof Project shows how much energy we waste, and how much we could save.

“Do not be evil” is the famous motto, which is used by Google.One of such projects is Project Sunroof, so you can save a lot of money, and at the same time relieve the environment.Google¬†sunroof Project¬†uses a photo of the Earth taken at high resolution and data on sunlight. The combination of these two pieces of information allows us to evaluate how much electricity could be produced if photovoltaic panels cover the roofs. Google for this purpose analyzes satellite images,which checks how much sun comes to individual roof. Google analyzes cloudy, with respect to the orientation of the roof of the world, as well as data about shading (caused eg. Trees or other buildings).

Thanks to the Google collected it can be estimated how much energy potential hidden in the roof. This is only the beginning, because Google provides users a tool to analyze the cost and profitability of the entire investment associated with installing panels. After filling out some basic information about electricity bills, we get from Google appropriate calculation. We can learn from them how many panels will be needed and how large a percentage of the demand for electricity will be able to cover. Google also count the approximate installation costs and return on investment. Why, we can even directly select a panel manufacturer and contact him.

google sunroof project

The project is somewhat off the beaten Google and indeed it is created by a small team under the leadership of Carl Elkin. Currently the project are covered only pilot city in the United States, or of Boston , San Francisco (Google headquarters) and Fresno. The company promises that soon the project will cover the entire United States, and later, “maybe even the whole world.”

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