Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition

The Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is a special version of the smartphone dedicated to the Olympics this year in Rio.

As Samsung announced. 12,500 athletes got their model of smartphone.Apart from the limited edition Galaxy S7 edge , athletes have also achieved the set of headphones from Samsung – IconX.

The Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition is a limited edition but it should not be an Olympic to have it; can be ordered on-line. It has exceptional color.

The black version of the smartphone is also adorned with a grid of yellow-gold speaker on the front panel and a gold part of the fingerprint reader. The volume of keyboards are green and the power button – red.

Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Edition 4

The rear of the smartphone has the light blue patterns: in the edges of the camera and the flash module and also in the Olympic logo in a lower part of the rear box.
In general, it takes not to show advertisements sellers (I recommend a web browser) but the price of this edition of the smartphone OTC student to $ 850(57,115 INR).


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