Evolution Of The iPhone Over The Years

Evolution Of The iPhone:January 9, 2007 were as CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs unveiled a breakthrough product. The device, which saw the world turned out to be a revolution, but it looked just like an iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone and an Internet communicator.

As we all know that Apple iPhone has reshaped the entire smartphone industry and helped Apple become one of the most valuable companies in the world.Although the first iPhone was inspired by the appearance of the iPod and looked great, as metal construction. I suspect that most of you know what happened later. IPhone not only proved to be a hit, but it was a pattern, showing how they should look and act smart phones. Currently, it is undoubtedly the most desired object on the globe, and for the release of the next model of waiting for all fans of Apple.

The iPhone, which all began – Released June 29, 2007

evolution of the iPhone

In June 2007 he saw the first iPhone , although initially was available only for AT & T / Cingular . Unlike most smartphones in the period, the iPhone was based on an interface controlled by touchscreen display. Diagonal display, measuring 3.5 – inch in those days was a giant, and the only button, what has been seen is the beginning, right under it. In addition, the iPhone does not need a stylus to control a user’s finger was only sufficient, because it was equipped with a capacitive display. Competition Apple claimed that this equipment without potential, in the end did not have a physical keyboard, although the market had it his sentence. IPhone is not only well sold, but also spawned the production and sale of smartphones. Definitely it was a revolution, despite skeptical voices competition in product aimed living when Steve Jobs.

iPhone 3G:Introduction of the App Store – Released July 11, 2008

evolution of the iPhone

The first approach Apple definitely needed a lot of amendments. 3G model appeared in 2008 and could notice a difference in the appearance of the next generation relative to the previous one. This time, the back panel is made ​​of plastic in order to better lead the GSM antenna signal. The biggest changes have occurred in the interior and software. The name itself gives us to understand that in those days offer the iPhone 3G, we were able to connect to the Internet via 3G (predecessor had only EDGE). This is not the only change Apple decided to implement GPS and appeared in the App Store, where users can download applications and games on your smartphone. The last change was the addition of notifications push and support for Exchange. At the time of release it sold a million copies of the 3G model.

iPhone 3GS: “S”, as the speed – Released June 19, 2009

evolution of the iPhone

One year has passed since the presentation of 3G and 3GS then appears, with more efficient components. The processor clocked at 412 MHz converted into a unit with 600 mHz, beside her appeared more efficient GPU and 256 MB of memory. The changes have allowed for more efficient operation, including faster launch applications, games, and comfortable use of the operating system. The main camera also lived to see the changes, and its 3Mpix matrix provide detailed pictures. Besides, it features auto focus, which could be set using finger taps in our chosen area. 3GS with the release of a new version of iOS, which introduced voice commands, sharing the Internet connection and GPS navigation.

iPhone 4: Iconic design and display Retina – Released June 24, 2010

evolution of the iPhone

iPhone 4 is a decisive step forward in relation 3GS. First of all, his advantage was and still is the display Retina gorgeous 3.5 – inch (326 pixels / inch). Many competitors tried to beat or get close to Apple, even though it was a difficult task. Under the hood, we had to deal with a chip Apple A4, clocked at 800 MHz and 512 MB ​​of memory. The first thing that threw out is changed layout relative to its predecessor, this time the front and rear glass was coated, while the frame is made ​​of stainless steel. Initially, this combination proved to be the ideal solution until the problems with GSM coverage. Keeping the equipment in the right place losing mobile network coverage. IPhone 4 was another success of Apple, which plans to have another model.

iPhone 4S – Released October 14, 2011

evolution of the iPhone

iPhone 4S in terms of appearance not particularly different from its predecessor. However, problems with the antenna of GSM has been nullified, and with them came the changes inside. They included two core chip Apple A5 and 8Mpx the main camera, which proved to be the best on the market at the time. As a result, we found that the iPhone 4S is a very good equipment to capture images and most Flickr users just benefited from it. Users loved him for good image quality and intuitive controls, and video recording in 1080p.

iPhone 5: Larger screen, thinner design and introduction of LTE – Released September 21, 2012

evolution of the iPhone

In September 2012 it presented iPhone 5, unlike its predecessors, this was 4 – inch, as opposed to the standard 3.5. It’s still display Retina introduced with iPhone 4. Changes occurred also in its design and weight, then it was the lightest product in the manufacturer of Cupertino. There were more efficient chip and more memory. The camera was on 8Mpix, with updates allowed to perform better photos and video recording. This is the moment in which Apple introduced a panorama camera, do not forget also that this was the first iPhone connectivity LTE.

iPhone 5S: 64 – Bit chip, Touch ID and iOS 7 – Released September 20, 2013

evolution of the iPhone

In addition to the presentation of the iPhone 5S it has also appeared in another edition of iOS . Flat and colorful interface definitely stood out against the previous firmware version for mobile devices of Apple. Sentences on the system were divided, but with time the majority of users and bloggers got used to it. However, this time it was almost a complete operating system with support for 64 – bit applications and games and Control Center, pull-out from the bottom. IPhone 5S not only introduced the A7 chip for living rooms, but also a fingerprint reader (Touch ID). Besides, it was the first model with gold colors, always available initially there were two (black and white). The camera remained unchanged, but the use of two-tone LEDs illuminate the LED allowing for better shots in poor lighting conditions.

iPhone 5c: Colorful design – Released September 20, 2013

evolution of the iPhone

During the presentation of the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 shows another model that was supposed to be cheaper than the flagship. Apple showed the world the iPhone 5c, which was made ​​entirely of plastic. This model was available in 5 colors. Technical parameters were the same as the iPhone 5, although there was a better front webcam. This model does not boasted the popularity of his predecessors and flagship model, although I suspect that many fans of Apple waiting for his successor.

iPhone 6: Bigger, courageous, faster – Released September 9, 2014

evolution of the iPhone

In the end it came to Apple under the pressure of competition broke the only right diagonal screen and released the iPhone, and the display diagonal, measuring 4.7 – inch. At a resolution of 750 × 1334 pixel density of pixels per inch is still 326. In addition, it is currently the thinnest model, and change a lot in relation to its predecessors. At the beginning easy to see that we are dealing with a chip Apple A8 and even better camera main (8Mpix) with fast auto focus. When it comes to software it operates on the basis of iOS 8.

iPhone 6 Plus even more – Released September 9, 2014

evolution of the iPhone

It’s not only a larger model of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus with 1080p display with a diagonal measuring 5,5 inches. Technical specifications are pretty much the same, except that this model has optical image stabilization in apracie main, more comprehensive battery and a higher resolution display.


iPhone 6S: 3D Touch technology – Released September 9, 2015

Evolution Of The iPhone

The all New iPhone 6S comes with 3D Touch display and a new color Rose Gold model.It has a new 64-bit A9 chip, as predicted. That chip is 70% faster than the A8, and 90% faster when it comes to graphics performance. And the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that’s up to two times faster.And it has introduced 3D Touch a brand-new screen technology which lets you ‘Peek’ by pressing lightly, or ‘Pop’ by pressing harder.

iPhone 6S Plus : Released September 9, 2015

Evolution Of The iPhone

The iPhone 6S Plus is similar to iPhone 6s. Apple iPhone 6s Plus will come in silver, space grey, gold, and the new Rose Gold.It comes with 3D Touch display ,it has a new 64-bit A9 chip, as predicted. That chip is 70% faster than the A8, and 90% faster when it comes to graphics performance. And the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that’s up to two times faster.Apple iPhone 6S Plus is available in 16,64,128 configurations.



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