Dolby Atmos for Android 4.3+

Dolby Atmos Comes For All Android 4.3+ Devices.Accordingly Dolby website displays only 3, namely Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Tab 2 Lenovo Lenovo A10 and A7000.

Dolby Atmos Comes For All Android 4.3+ Devices

Dolby Atmos, according to Wikipedia is a surround audio technology Dolby Laboratories announced in 2012 and first used in the animation from Pixar, Brave . According to the official page of the Website Dolby , Atmos has been created to carry you in cartoons or music they listen to the sound moving around.

dolby atmos

This technology has been implemented in popular films such as Tomorrowland, Mad Max: Fury Road, American Sniper and more. And now Dolby Atmos has come with Mobile devices. Dolby website shows three name they are Tab 2 Lenovo A10 and Lenova A7000 and Amazon Fire HDX 8.9.XDA developer worstenbrood managed to port Dolby Atmos that makes play on any Android 4.3+ that means jelly bean or newer using a Lenova ROM.



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