CES 2016: The 10 most exciting innovations in the art exhibition

At CES 2016 provide numerous manufacturers before the new technology trends for 2016th Whether Tablets, VR goggles, personal computers or refrigerators – we show you the most exciting products of the show.

The Consumer Electronics Show(CES 2016) in Las Vegas traditionally marks the start of the new tech year. Hundreds of manufacturers from around the world present at the exhibition their latest technologies and set trends that are likely to accompany us throughout the year. We summarize the highlights of CEs together.

1. Honor 5X. High end smartphone for Budget Price

The presented at CES 2016 Honor 5X could develop into a real bang. In principle, Huawei promises to the Smartphone that is not less than high-end quality at an introductory price. The device with 5.5-inch display and aluminum enclosure for just 199 US dollars in the US appears.

On offer is in addition to the noble appearance, for example, also, an arrow faster fingerprint sensor, which is among the best in its class. Inside work ELT a fairly brisk a Snapdragon 615 with eight cores, which is supported by 2GB of RAM. The battery is 3000 mAh also not just dimensioned. On the Indian smartphone market, the mobile phone for real vortex could provide.

2. “Star Wars” -Droid BB8 with gesture control

CES 2016 star wars

Those who wish to once like a real Jedi from “Star Wars” feel, should look at the new gesture control, the Sphero at CES presented 2016th With the help of a bracelet can thus namely the BB8 Mini drone manufacturer direct. This is shown at the exhibition in a showcase, the Alex and Jens have looked a bit more detail.

Even the bracelet is not ready for production. In principle, however, is an interesting technology that could possibly find their way into our everyday lives soon. The possible areas of application should, in any case, be numerous. Who would not like to take his garbage out by sending the trash by hand gesture in front of the door?

3. K7 and K10: The new smartphone from LG

CES 2016 lg k7

LG introduces at CES 2016 two new smartphones. K7 and K10 place at the same time also the foundation for the new K-series from the manufacturer. This should stir up the middle-class segment. The K10 has 5.3 inches with a rather unusual screen size. A quad-core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM Memory and an internal memory of 16 GB mark the technical specifications. There is also a main, camera with 13 megapixels and a 2300mAh battery.

4. Casio WSD-F10: The first outdoor SmartWatch

CES 2016 casio WSD F10

With Casio, Another traditional watchmaker enters the SmartWatch market. At CES 2016, the Japanese have introduced the WSD-F10, a computer clock, which should also be outdoor compatible. Already at the design makes the manufacturers realized that it is a Casio. Thus, the round body of all other Smart Watches on the market is different. The very robust and powerful acting clock is also waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters and was equipped with special sensors, such as a pressure gauge, a compass, and an accelerometer.

As a software-based serves as with most smartwatches Android Wear, the Casio clock, according to The Verge comes with some preloaded apps like RunKeeper, ViewRanger, and MyRadar. With a price of around 500 US dollars, the WSD-F10 is quite expensive for a SmartWatch. Compared with normal outdoor watches but they placed in the pricing midfield.

5. Samsung TabPro S: The Windows 10-tablet from Samsung

CES 2016 galaxy tabpro s

Another tablet from Samsung? Yes, but not quite. Said TabPro S course is a tablet. But the latest model from Samsung is just even more. Just like the Surface Pro 4 is the TabPro S practically to a hybrid device of laptop and tablet that runs with Windows 10.

Fitted is the unit with a 12-inch AMOLED touch screen that offers a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. Inside the unit, an Intel Core M processor works with two cores overclock each with 2.2 GHz. This computing unit is supported by 4 GB of RAM. The housing of the tablet is 6.3 millimeters exceptionally slim and weighing 693 grams, it should be about the lightest ever Windows tablet ever. Nevertheless, the battery lasts allegedly by up to ten and a half hours.

For Surface-competitors, the device is the attachable keyboard, which connects magnetically to the tablet. So the Tab Pro S can be used as a laptop. Visually this is very similar to the model of the rival Microsoft. To come on the market, the Tab Pro S is expected in the first quarter 2016. Priced Samsung made so far no specific information.

6. Nikon: 360 Degree Action Cam with 4K resolution

CES 2016 Nikon 360

The camera specialist Nikon shows off at CES with superlatives. Particular attention is directed to the manufacturers this year to its new Action Cam KeyMission 360. This is distinguished thanks to two separate lenses 360-degree videos on knickers and not at the resolution. Thanks, 4K support Nikon draws from what is currently in the area is available.

Also new is the Nikon D500, which will serve as consumer top model in the SLR. The camera has an APS-C sensor with 21 megapixels and also records 4K video. Maximum sensitivity is ISO of 1,638,400. The price is expected to be at a proud 2511 US Dollars. Even more expensive is, however, the Nikon D5, the new flagship DSLR made by Nikon. The full-frame SLR camera with support for 4K video will be available for 7633 US Dollars from March.

7. More frameless TVs from Sony

CES 2016 sony tv

How smart TV can be unframed, has Sony last year at the IFA 2015 is presenting. Now the Japanese place after. At CES 2016, the Group has introduced three new models in the baggage with which the design concept is to be continued this year. These come in screen sizes of 55, 65 and 75 inches on the market. All units have an LED LCD display with 4K resolution. Add to this the possibility to display HDR images. The premium TVs are complemented by the Smart TV Hub Android TV, brings the number of Android apps and a variety of media libraries on the big screen again.

8. HP Envy Phoenix: The gaming laptop for VR-Games

CES 2016 HP Envy

Virtual Reality could the gaming trend will 2016th With VR goggles as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive virtual reality will finally come into the living room – and the high-resolution in the form of computer games. For this to work, of course, must be found a faster computer. This could range from HP come because the manufacturer has 2016 CES in cooperation with HTC with the Envy Phoenix announced the first gaming PC, which has been specifically optimized for use with virtual reality glasses – especially of course for the HTC Vive.

For buyers between high-performance graphics cards AMD Radeon R9 390X and GeForce GTX 980 Ti will be able, to choose. In the US, the HP Envy Phonix should be available as early as 16th January. In the basic version, the computer is already cost 1699.99 US dollars. The price for a HTC Vive, which is not yet known to date, would once again on top.

9. Samsung: The smart refrigerator with touchscreen

CES 2016 Samsung Fridge

As an expert in refrigerators and touchscreens probably is nothing more natural than to combine the two. The thought apparently Samsung and has the Family Hub Fridge unveiled at CES 2016th.This not only cools foods but also has a huge 21.5-inch touchscreen on the front. Via the display, it will be possible to buy new foods directly from home.

In everyday life, can be displayed on the screen a picture of the fridge contents. For this purpose, a camera located inside the unit. Alternatively, can be displayed on the screen also  a calendar, watch YouTube videos or listening to music. Speaker has the Family Hub Fridge namely likewise. Whether such a device arrives at the customer will be revealed at the latest in May. Then there’s the smart refrigerator in the US to buy.

10. LG presents the screen for reeling

CES 2016 LG Screen

An optical Highlight CES 2016 would certainly be one of the innovation, of LG: The Koreans have at the fair an 18 inch presented OLED display that can be rolled up – and continue moving images are displayed.

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