Apple A9 Chip – Dual-core, 6-core GPU and larger memory cache

Both variants of the iPhone and 6S are already available in the United States.Despite the ties the components most of them are still a mystery.Here is the Apple A9 chip details.

We know not from today that the “heart” of devices is 64 – bit chip Apple A9, but the only information given by the manufacturer. Apple did not confirm the amount of cores in the processor of Apple A9 chip, not to mention its timing and the same information related to the graphics chip.Members portal Chipworks reached to more detailed information and even make available the integrated circuit diagrams.

apple a9 chip

Before we get into specifics to mention the discovery of iFixit, unfolded the iPhone, and it turned out that it has 2GB of memory. This is not the only information related to the main memory provides her not only to Toshiba, but also to Hynix.

Highlights emerged with the scheme 64 – bit Apple A9 chip. It is indicated as APL0898, and its dimensions are 8.7 mm x 10.7 mm, which is equivalent to the surface of approximately 94 mm square. In the plan IC shows that the resolution is 80% the size of its predecessor, the difference is dictated by the lithographic process 14nm, deployed during production.

apple a9 chip

Apple A9 is still dual-core chip as well as the A8. Remember that they are not equal cores in the processor devices with Android, Apple uses a more complex cores whose performance in single-threaded operations is much higher. The results of performance tests of Geekbench show that the Apple A9 chip is faster than its predecessor of 66% in single-threaded operations, and with respect to integrated circuits Qualcomm results are twice as high. On the other hand, multi-threaded performance test is the same, all thanks to Android from 8 – core chips.

The layout of this time 6 core unit, relative to the core 4 in the Apple A8. A year ago, there were reports about the use of the graphic series Rogue XT from Imagination Technologies and is probably present in both variants of the iPhone and 6S.

Another change is an increase in low-level cache from 4 MB to 8 MB (L3) and 3 MB (L2).All information undoubtedly are interesting, and the change in performance is immediately noticeable. The operating system is much faster than their predecessors.




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