AMD announces Polaris 2016.The first graphics cards with the new chips in the middle of this year (CES 2016)

AMD today officially announced a new architecture for graphics cards - Polaris. Devices with the new systems appear around the middle of this year.

AMD has revealed information about the new GPU architecture – Polaris 2016. They will be manufactured in 14 nm process technology FineFET, and the premiere of the first graphics cards with the new systems to be held around the middle of this year.

Polaris 2016 is a fourth-generation microarchitecture Graphics Core Next (GCN), the next generation of engine display, HDMI 1.3 and DisplayPort 2.0ai video codec H.265. Polaris is also another step to increase energy efficiency. AMD is aiming at a 25-fold increase in energy efficiency by 2020.

polaris 2016

The new systems will be based on 14-nanometer manufacturing process FinFET, and not, as suggested by some previous reports 16-nanometer. Polaris, which is really the fourth generation micro-architecture Graphics CoreNext (CSC), will provide improvements in terms of introducing new blocks GPU computing CU, as well as command processor, geometry processor, the second level cache (L2) memory controller and motor displays.

AMD decided to even a small comparison – equipment equipped with a card Polaris gets in the game Star Wars Battlefront only 86W, while the platform with the card GeFroce GTX 950 already 140W. As for the previous generation of AMD, we expect even twice the improvement in this regard.

polaris 2016

Polaris 2016 will also provide support for HDMI 1.3 and DisplayPort 2.0 the next generation of multimedia features like video encoding and decoding H.265.AMD says that Polaris systems will provide excellent performance not only in games, but are also perfect in VR systems, which this year have significantly gain in popularity.

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